Dragon Age: Wayfarers

Rage Bound in Stone

In 9:28 Dragon in the land of Ferelden, a small caravan is making its way through the Bannorn lead by Menaby Holtz. Hired on as extra hands are the Elven Mage Celes Gainsborough and her Templar-in-Training guardian Redwalt, the troubleshooter extraordinaire Glendere “the Bold”, the Dwarven Smith Angecid ‘Cid’ Aeducan, and the constantly lost Dalish Elf Desta Ellwood.

After a long day of traveling, the caravan stops for the night. On Glendere’s watch, bandits attack, stealing only a single large ruby, leaving the rest of the gold and trinkets locked within the second wagon alone. After swearing heavily in a language that’s not the King’s Tongue, Menaby orders her hired hands to go after the jewel.

Desta leads the way and gets horribly, horribly lost in the forest. The others figure out quickly how she ‘misplaced’ her clan. Glendere manages to find their wayward Elf and the path the Raiders took, disabling the few traps they left along the way. The group easily dispatches the Blight Wolves that found their trail, though Celes’ ability as a healer is needed.

Upon coming to a small farmstead, the group approaches cautiously in case any Raiders are holding up in the farm. The barn is empty and the house has a broken door with an injured and crying man on the floor. He lets them know that the Raiders took his little girl and it was his son, Langer Hugh, who was leading them. He gives them general directions on how to reach his son’s hideout in the woods and implores them to bring his little girl home.

After some more wandering in the woods, led by Glendere, the group stumbles upon five stone idols, the makings of a raider’s camp, and a ritual taking place. A young man, presumably Langer, has the large gem in one hand, a dagger in the other, preparing to first place the gem into the stone then kill the young girl bound, tied, and staked to the ground in front of him.

Celes quickly figures out that there is a Rage Demon locked within the very idol Langer is hovering in front of.
791 max
Glendere sneaks around behind to try and catch Langer unawares while Redwalt and Cid distracts the raiders in melee as Celes and Desta distracts them with ranged attacks. Unfortunately Langer both sockets the gem, giving the demon locked within its full power, and slays his sister, giving the demon a vessel to possess.

A furious battle unfolds, with both Glendere and Cid both needing Celes’ healing talents. Celes warns them not to kill any of the Raiders so they go for knock-out blows. They slay the demon’s first host, only for one of the raiders to slit his own throat to give the demon another host, so powerful is their reverence for the Rage Demon. After they slay the second host, Celes banishes the demon back to the Fade, and the group quickly slaughters the other three raiders, leaving one raider and Langer unconscious for questioning later.

After inspecting the gem, Celes determines that the gem is only a gem again. Redwalt expresses his concern that their employer wasn’t entirely honest with them about the origins and her knowledge of the gem, and wonders if the person she was planning on selling it to knew about the demon and needs to be reported to the Chantry and the Templars.

After cleaning up the camp, the group heads off again, led by Desta, who gets horribly, horribly lost. Again.

This was our introductory session for the Dragon Age world, and this adventure was borrowed from a fan-made one with some minor tweaking. It took a bit but everyone got into their characters pretty well and seemed to enjoy themselves. Despite my best efforts I did not kill any of the PCs, though I really, really tried! Comment in character for some extra XPs ;)


“Blessed are they who stand before
The corrupt and the wicked and do not falter.
Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just."


Benedictions 4 seems oddly fitting as I pray to you, Maker. I have an uncomfortable feeling that you brought us together for more than just guarding a caravan. The unfortunate child who murdered his own sister to bring about a Rage Demon only confirms my worries.

Now, I don’t mean to question you, my Lord, but I worry about those you sent as companions. Celes, bless your infinite wisdom, still walks the righteous path, strong against the devils that tempt her. The other elf in our group, though light of heart and spirit, seems to be equally light in the head. However, she took care of herself against our foes, and that is something. The duelist, though he thinks highly of himself, is quite skilled. His tongue is a bit too silver for my liking, and I still worry about a knife in the back while he’s smiling at my face. The dwarf… is another matter. His Pride is greater than the rogue’s, and though his skill is great, he claims to be the only worthwhile combatant in the group. One of these days the winds of fortune will not bless him; I hope he has he resolve to stay the fight when this happens.

Maker, guide my actions. The leader of our caravan has an unhealthy interest in the accursed gem that brought forth the demon, and I fear it is more than just monetary. At the earliest opportunity I must alert the Templars to the buyer of such an artifact, and should probably include Menaby’s name in the report. I must also find out what possessed the boy to such an infernal action as killing his own blood.

Whichever path you choose for us, Maker, grant me the strength to defend those around me. In your name I serve.


Rage Bound in Stone

Only useful one in a fight be the blasted mage, and she an elf!

Bah, maybe I ought to put that old prejudice on the far coals, now that I be on the surface. At least she be a likable sort, dry wit and no-nonsense, good to have behind ye in a fight.

Not like the prayer-drunk Templar. Can’t hit worth a damn, and always going about telling others what to do ta boot. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes orders have ta be given, but I be findin’ that suggestions work best when those around ye may be smarter than ye are.

Like that silver-tongued rogue. Good-enough sort, can’t blame him for not being able to kill anything with that toothpick of his. But smart as paint, he be, and sneaky as well: skills I be not having are always welcome in my company, so long as they’re not bein’ used on me!

As for the spade-ear… heh. Couldn’t find a stone in the mountains, but strike me if she doesn’t grow on ye. If’n she could only find a way to guide her arrows better than herself, I’d be pleased to have her aboard. Alas, that be less than likely for awhile yet, more’s the pity.

Only truly saddening things are the Templar, and the girl’s death. If any other member of our little band had some sense or skill or luck… fagh, maybe I shouldn’t have trusted the four of them to handle it. At least I’ve 8 new notches for me bracers, two with a story to go with them. And the bairns will grow stronger and better in time, so long as they survive. I’ll do what I can for that, so long as they’re in me company. Can’t stand to see a couple of diamonds go unpolished, like them three have ’til now.

Now, about that Templar- stone and thunder! Does he have to pray so loud?!

Rage Bound in Stone

Well I had an interesting day…I met a proud dwarf that is fresh from the mountains who believes he’s an army of one, a dalish elf who lost her clan (that in itself is a paradox to me), a preachy templar, and a snarky elf-mage which may wind up into a lot of trouble if she ends up in a place full of racist humans.

Wait, this keeps getting better! Then some bandits sneak in and they steal my (current) employer’s gem…on my watch nonetheless! We give chase but those sneaky little bastards get away…barely.

After resting from a fight, we track them down, only the dalish elf gets lost so I have to track her as well face palm. We all can see how she lost her clan now.

We come across a farm where the old farmer’s own son is the bandit leader and raids his own family farm and kills everything on it (except for his father obviously) and kidnaps his own sister only to put her on a sacrificial slab (what an ass!)

Here’s the best part (not really)! We try to stop a sacrifice from happening only we botch it because our warriors both want to be the heroes and rescue the “damsel” instead of fighting smartly and distracting the thugs while I would sneak in and got her out.

The elves at least were doing what they were supposed to do by providing ranged backup but it was not enough as the sacrifice was completed and a Rage Demon popped up and started handing us our asses!

Somehow, we managed to succeed and now we have to give the father the bad news and return our employer’s gem…success, if you can call it that, is bittersweet.

Rage Bound in Stone

I can handle myself! The Circle of Magi think I need some kind of bodyguard on my training mission. Ok sure, he is also supposed to keep an eye on me just in case I get taken over by a demon or something, but it sucks. Redwalt, my companion has this stupid compulsion to make sure he watches me at all times. unless of course I’m bathing or otherwise un clothed. As far as I can tell he’s just another meat head who likes to hit stuff. I at least thew him a bone and porpously got attacked by some wolves, so he could fight them off to protect me.

Got to meet some new people on this trip. Menaby Holtze and her bodyguard Barrett. Menaby is a real piece of work. We are helping protect here caravan. We were attacked, and a ruby was stolen. She wanted us to go into the forest in the dead of night to get it back….feh!

There is another elf with us. Her name is Desta Ellwood. Nice enough, but she doesn’t seem very bright. She lost her traveling companions. I don’t mean like, they were all killed or something. I mean, she literally just can’t find them.

Then there’s Glendere. Again nice, good tracker. Just another guy who likes to kill stuff.

Oh, then we have a dwarf named Angecid. Quiet, but once again, a brute who smashes skulls.

We eventually found the ruby. Some morons were using it to free a rage demon from som ruins. They had a sacrifice, and at first I thought they were using blood magic (only losers who don’t understand real magic use that crap). of coarse the brutes started hitting people, but it was up to me to banish the demon back to the fade. Of course that was an easy task for the up and coming, greatest magical genius in the universe. I also has to heal some people as well. We got the ruby back, now it is worthless for using in rituals and things. It’s just a ruby.

All in all, I was pretty awsome. And my companions helped.

Rage Bound in Stone

I love how we’re all down on everyone else in our first mission. Oh yeah, we’ll make good friends!

Also, I’m sad that everyone thinks I’m preachy! I only prayed at the beginning of the session! runs away crying

Rage Bound in Stone

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