Dragon Age: Wayfarers

The Ruins of Greed

The shattered tomb of an ancient people, brought down by avarice and greed. In death, only Hunger remains...

Last time, on Dragon Age: Wayfarers

Bandits posing as the absent Town Guard bore down upon the Caravan as our heroes attempted to leave the city.

This time, on Dragon Age: Wayfarers

Thanks to the quick thinking of Glendere, he concealed the much-maligned elves Celes and Desta before swiftly hiding himself. The ‘Town Guard’ were then sent on their way under the stern gaze of the Templar-in-training Redwalt, hustling down the road out of town in search of the ‘elves and elf-lovers.’

The Dwarf eventually found the party again just as an irritable Menaby set the caravan on its way. Celes, Glendere, and Desta left their hiding places within the wagons and walked alongside, already expecting a bandit ambush. Far behind the party, a lone figure followed curiously.

Not far along the road, Desta bespied a poorly-arranged ambush, set up by the bandits who had hounded them within the town. Thus warned, the party had time to ready themselves for battle before the bandits charged.
791 max

As three bandits charged from the right and four from the left, the party split to protect the wagons. Celes set the four on the left aflame, killing one outright and setting the others to hurried flight. Two more fell before her flames, and the last was obliterated by an Arcane Bolt from a hidden location.

One of the remaining three pulled an ornate wand and attempted to use it on the party to no avail, finally being cut down by Redwalt. The second of the three flanking bandits was stabbed to death by an irate Glendere after breaking one of the rogue’s blades. The final bandit, after gravely wounding Desta and Redwalt, saw which way the wind was blowing and surrendered, dropping his surprisingly well-crafted greatsword.

As the party collected itself, Glendere claimed the two-handed blade as his own while Redwalt questioned their prisoner. The bandit would only say that he was new to the bandit group, the sword belonged to him, and his name was Valen. Meanwhile, Desta and Celes explored the nearby forest, trying with little luck to find the source of the Arcane Bolt which had slain the fleeing bandit. Failing that, Celes claimed the ornate wand, which Redwalt almost immediately identified with some trepidation.

Ultimately, Redwalt manacled Valen’s hands behind his back, tying him to the back of the wagon to turn in at the next town. Glendere sat in the back of the wagon, taunting their prisoner in the hopes of getting more information from him. Celes reveled in her victory, eventually remembering to heal the injured members of the party.

Eventually the party overtook a young,unescorted Circle Mage travelling along the road. Desta took it upon herself to introduce everyone, and they discovered that her name was Arwen and that she was a sage studying nearby ruins. Talk turned to the Rod, and a deal was struck with Valen: he would lead them to the location where the Rod was found if they would free him and return his blade.

Valen lead them to an ancient, defaced tomb, past several dangerous traps and dozens of skeletons, ultimately stopping at a massive stone door. The wand, he said, was clutched in the grip of a corpse in front of the door. Desta managed to activate the opening mechanism, breaking an arrow and almost losing several fingers in the process, and the party proceeded deeper into the unexplored depths of the tomb. Shadows moved at the edges of their torchlight, and the stone door slammed shut behind them as they passed…

At last, they came to a dark room with a pit filled with ancient undead, skeletons rattling and jostling one another as they moved within. Dousing their lights and moving quietly, Desta, Celes, and Glendere managed to sidle around the pit. When Arwen attempted the same, she fell into the pit with the skeletons. As they began to swarm her, Redwalt flung himself in and boldly fought his way over to her, covering her with his shield as he pushed through the mass of bones and blades to the other side of the pit. Valen fell, but managed to make it look like he had jumped in to save Arwen and Redwalt, discovering as he battled through the horde that the mere touch of his sword turned undead to dust.
791 max

Making it past the pit at last, the party continued on, mages using precious Mana to heal their many wounds. Arwen found a lever hidden behind an ancient suit of armor and immediately pulled it, causing a ziggurat to rise within the large room ahead of them. Redwalt and Glendere began climbing the stone pyramid, only to immediately trip a pressure plate and unleashing a small horde of Ravenous Dead. Celes and Desta ran to assist while Valen and Arwen hung back, watching

Thinking quickly, Redwalt hurled his torch to the far corner of the room, causing many of the hungry undead to follow it, though five began clambering up the pyramid to attack them. After a desperate battle, Redwalt, Celes, Glendere, and Desta managed to kill the five abominations and seize the strange ring at the ziggurat’s crown before fleeing back to rejoin with Valen and Arwen.

As the horde approached, Celes stepped forward, filled with the knowledge that she was the greatest. She consumed the entire band of hungry undead in a mighty gout of flame, leaving nothing but ash in her wake.

After recovering from their trials, the party looted the adjoining treasure room and armory, coming away with several valuable and well-crafted items, as well as quite a bit of silver. Glendere passed the over-sized ring to Arwen for identification, but the sage had absolutely no idea where the strange item came from.
791 max

Cleverly finding their way around a deathtrap that would have doomed them to poverty, the party eventually returned to the caravan, laden with silver and quite the tale to tell.


OH GOOD GOD I KICK ASS! Totally took out like, 40 zombies! The others did stuff, I healed them. Quickly on my way to becoming the greatest magical genius in the world!

The Ruins of Greed

Whoop whoop, I like totally kicked butt with destroying the undead. And I am proud of myself I didn’t get lost.
P.S. the undead is very creepy

The Ruins of Greed

Valen has proved himself to me as an honorable man who just wandered astray. I should give him some coin to help him on his way.

The Ruins of Greed

Counting his coins/ingots That was quite the adventure, this gets me closer to my goals, but I still have much yet to do…

The Ruins of Greed

The First Enchanter and the Knight Commander gave me leave to travel alone to research the many ruins around Ferelden as long as I checked in with the Chantry and the Circle frequently.

I cannot believe that this group of misfits are the ones who slew a Demon of Rage. I can, however, believe they are the ones who completely decimated a group of idols. What knowledge has been lost because of that action?

Their help was instrumental in the Tomb of the Malificar. The undead make my skin crawl but I learned much. The party shared the treasure gained with me as well. How …. Odd.

O Creator, see me kneel:
For I walk only where You would bid me
Stand only in places You have blessed
Sing only the words You place in my throat
-Transfigurations 12:2

The Ruins of Greed

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