Dragon Age: Wayfarers

The Village of Leidiff

Adventure Log to be posted later.


Then the Maker said:
To you, my second-born, I grant this gift:
In your heart shall burn
An unquenchable flame
All-consuming, and never satisfied.
From the Fade I crafted you,
And to the Fade you shall return
Each night in dreams
That you may always remember me.

A pity that sometimes while remembering you, great Lord, that demons sometimes find them and whisper in their ears. I was hoping the child we brought with us to Leidiff would make it to the Circle and be questioned by the heads of my order. Perhaps some bright knowledge could come from his darkness before he died. Alas, he forced the local Templars hand.

So far, the stay in this tiny village has been boring, though not without events of note. Unfortunately for Celes, the town is full of those fearful in their ignorance. I cannot blame them, they know not of elves or mages save what the stories tell. Yet, I wish they knew Celes like I knew her. Perhaps then they would not deny her simple comforts or aid…

So it was I stayed in the Chantry, sleeping on a cot and eating meager stew under the constant litany of the Chant of Light. It was all I needed.

The only being not frightened or outraged by our presence, aside from the sisters of the Chantry and my fellow Templar, was a tiny girl, whose name I still do not know. Unfortunately, she was a noble’s daughter, and I did not wish to upset her parents, causing an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Thankfully, we leave in a few minutes. Once I am done praying I will begin my morning exercises while I wait for the others to join me. Maker’s Peace, it looks like it will be a good day today…

The Village of Leidiff

Such narrow-mindedness! The people in this area have such hate for those outside their race! And I’m not just talking about humans here either! I never understood why we all can’t get along? Where did this racism come from? If we were united, we would be able to solve a lot (if not all) the problems that have been blighting this world. Speaking of blight, if we were united fighting against the Darkspawn instead of quarreling amongst each other, I’m sure we’d be able to suppress the threat of the Darkspawn for good.
But that will have to wait as now I, along w/ some of the others, are being accused of crimes we didn’t even commit. At least, I’m pretty sure I did nothing wrong…at least intentionally. Okay, so I snuck Celes into my room…big deal. I’m not going to let her sleep on some shoddy cot in the Chantry, ugh! Besides, I am sure she needed a little break away from the “Choir Boy” (my new nickname for the Templar-in-Training). And if harboring two elves in my room, one of them being a mage, is a crime then I am guilty and so they can kiss my—shit! Gotta run!

The Village of Leidiff

Heh. ‘tis always fun to go looking for a good time, especially after such a boring day as I’d had. Ta be fair, the lass took up knowledge like sand soaks water: in a few years, she’d be no shame in a dwarven forge. But without the ability to actually make something, a forge simply doesn’t have the allure, the ability to get me blood up. Though I doubt these nocturnal wanderings be likely in the future: I’ve little fondness for imitatin’ a pincushion.

Now, of this innkeeper… bah, this lout be not worthy of so vaunted a title. Unable to keep his prejudices to himself, or challenge one of the waifish lasses to a fair fight, he sics the local banditry on them. Us now, I suppose.

Well, I’ll be after solvin’ that! Innkeeper’s already handled, and he’ll remember his manners every time he limps, so I suppose it’s time for the constabulary…

The only thing that sticks in my craw is that fellow what spoke with Menaby. He smelt of steel and blood, and plenty of both at that. Friendly enough sort, makin’ promises and kind offers… we’ll see the temper of his steel once we’ve passed the road for awhile.

Now, on to the brawl!

The Village of Leidiff

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