Angecid Aeducan

Highborn Dwarven Smith - NPC Merchant



Communication 0 Constitution 4 Cunning 1 Dexterity 1 Magic 0 Perception 1 Strength 4 Willpower 2
Focus: Smithing (Strength)


Magic Resistance
Health: 40
Speed: 9
Defense: 11
Armor: 7


Two-Handed Spear Attack 3d6+4 Damage 2d6+7
Two-Handed Axe Attack 3d6+4 Damage 3d6+4
Two-Handed Sword Attack 3d6+4 Damage 3d6+4
Gauntlet Attack 3d6+5 Damage 1d3+6

Call me Cid, if it please ye. Surface-dwellers never manage to say me name right. Matters little to me.

Ye may ask why I be wandering the surface at a time such as this. I’ll let you in on a secret: ’tis no business of yours.

Alright, if it be so important to ye. ‘tis no secret my people are on shifting stone. All the Deep Roads closed off, our numbers fallin’, spawn at our doors day and night. Me brothers are out tryin’ to raise the Dwarva population an’ put out enough weapons to keep others’ hands full.

Me, I look at it another way. Our ancestors ruled kingdoms far vaster than ours within the Stone. Their armies were greater, their skill in crafting unsurpassed to this day. And yet slowly the thaigs fell, until only two now are left. Now then, how are we to flourish where they failed, if we do naught but mimic their actions as a small child to their parent?

Nay, we be needing a new look at things. That be why I’m here. You surfacers, fools though most of ye be, sometimes have a spirit and a wonder to ye, a bit of the Stone that’s got lost. So I’m here to learn what I can from ye, and make some use of it, so that I may go home one day and do well by my people. To restore that lost bit of the Stone.

Satisfied, surfacer? Fah. No more words ye’ll get from me tonight. Now pass the watery beer.

Angecid Aeducan

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