Templar Hopeful


Redwalt: The Black Bastard

•I shall complete my task and become a full Templar
Celes must be kept safe from the dangers of the world, and vice versa…
•I am not some garbage to be tossed aside; I will gain legitimacy from my father.

•I am both Celes protector and jailor. I must stop harm from falling on her, but I must end her life if I see signs of possession. I will not hesitate to do my job.

Fereldan Freeman Warrior 1
Age: 19 Male
Height: 6’3" Weight: 162 lb
Ability Focuses Speed Defense Armor Penalty Health
Communication: 3 11(8) 13 7 -3 38
Constitution: 2
Cunning: 2 Weapon Attack Roll Damage Range Reload
Dexterity: 1 Bastard Sword 3d6+2 2d6+1
Magic: 1 Dagger 3d6+2 1d6+1
Perception: 0 Fists 3d6+2 1d3
Strength: 2 Short Bow 3d6 1d6+1 16/32 yd Minor
Willpower: 2 Courage
Talent Languages
Weapon and Shield Style King’s Tongue
Armor Training
Equipment Money
Backpack Heavy Leather Armor Traveler’s garb 0 GP
Bastard Sword Dagger Waterskin 10 SP
Medium Shield Bow Quill and Parchment 5 CP
Ink Flint and Steel 5 Torches
Whetstone Rope (20 yd) Spike

Born a bastard, Redwalt learned quickly the harsh truth that he would not fit well within his family’s noble circles. Instead, he chose a different path, a pious path.

Redwalt is hoping to one day become a Templar, and is tasked with watching over a young Mage apprentice, Celes Gainsborough.


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