Dragon Age: Wayfarers

The Village of Leidiff

Adventure Log to be posted later.

Rage Bound in Stone

In 9:28 Dragon in the land of Ferelden, a small caravan is making its way through the Bannorn lead by Menaby Holtz. Hired on as extra hands are the Elven Mage Celes Gainsborough and her Templar-in-Training guardian Redwalt, the troubleshooter extraordinaire Glendere “the Bold”, the Dwarven Smith Angecid ‘Cid’ Aeducan, and the constantly lost Dalish Elf Desta Ellwood.

After a long day of traveling, the caravan stops for the night. On Glendere’s watch, bandits attack, stealing only a single large ruby, leaving the rest of the gold and trinkets locked within the second wagon alone. After swearing heavily in a language that’s not the King’s Tongue, Menaby orders her hired hands to go after the jewel.

Desta leads the way and gets horribly, horribly lost in the forest. The others figure out quickly how she ‘misplaced’ her clan. Glendere manages to find their wayward Elf and the path the Raiders took, disabling the few traps they left along the way. The group easily dispatches the Blight Wolves that found their trail, though Celes’ ability as a healer is needed.

Upon coming to a small farmstead, the group approaches cautiously in case any Raiders are holding up in the farm. The barn is empty and the house has a broken door with an injured and crying man on the floor. He lets them know that the Raiders took his little girl and it was his son, Langer Hugh, who was leading them. He gives them general directions on how to reach his son’s hideout in the woods and implores them to bring his little girl home.

After some more wandering in the woods, led by Glendere, the group stumbles upon five stone idols, the makings of a raider’s camp, and a ritual taking place. A young man, presumably Langer, has the large gem in one hand, a dagger in the other, preparing to first place the gem into the stone then kill the young girl bound, tied, and staked to the ground in front of him.

Celes quickly figures out that there is a Rage Demon locked within the very idol Langer is hovering in front of.
791 max
Glendere sneaks around behind to try and catch Langer unawares while Redwalt and Cid distracts the raiders in melee as Celes and Desta distracts them with ranged attacks. Unfortunately Langer both sockets the gem, giving the demon locked within its full power, and slays his sister, giving the demon a vessel to possess.

A furious battle unfolds, with both Glendere and Cid both needing Celes’ healing talents. Celes warns them not to kill any of the Raiders so they go for knock-out blows. They slay the demon’s first host, only for one of the raiders to slit his own throat to give the demon another host, so powerful is their reverence for the Rage Demon. After they slay the second host, Celes banishes the demon back to the Fade, and the group quickly slaughters the other three raiders, leaving one raider and Langer unconscious for questioning later.

After inspecting the gem, Celes determines that the gem is only a gem again. Redwalt expresses his concern that their employer wasn’t entirely honest with them about the origins and her knowledge of the gem, and wonders if the person she was planning on selling it to knew about the demon and needs to be reported to the Chantry and the Templars.

After cleaning up the camp, the group heads off again, led by Desta, who gets horribly, horribly lost. Again.

This was our introductory session for the Dragon Age world, and this adventure was borrowed from a fan-made one with some minor tweaking. It took a bit but everyone got into their characters pretty well and seemed to enjoy themselves. Despite my best efforts I did not kill any of the PCs, though I really, really tried! Comment in character for some extra XPs ;)


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