Celes Gainsborough

Scrappy Elf Mage.


Snarky young elf mage

Abilities (Focuses)

0 Communication
1 Constitution
2 Cunning (Arcane lore)
2 Dexterity
4 Magic
0 Perception
0 Strength
3 Willpower

Combat Ratings

Speed Health Defense Armor Rating Mana Points
14 24 12 0 17


Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Quarter Staff 3d6+2 1d6+1


Spell School Type Mana Time TN Test
Flame Blast Primal Attack 3 Major 12 Dex (Acro) vs spell
Heal Creation Utility 1-3 Major 11 None
Spell Shield Spirit Defense 4 Major 13 None


Arcane lore, Magic Training, Mana Points (17), Starting Talent (Lore).


Trade, Elven, Read Ancient Tevene.


Age :18
Gender :Female
Backround :Circle Mage

Celes was born to two Apostate mages. The Templars found out about these two, and killed them. They decided to take their child Celes who was only about one and a half years old, to be raised and trained with the Circle Mages.

Celes is now eighteen, and has been sent out into the world. She is being escorted by a bastard Templar in training named Redwalt. She wants to give him as hard a time as possible, because she really doesn’t want him around.

Celes Gainsborough

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